Diane Carter

Diane Carter

I created Transparency TV as an online media project to Shine the Light on Remarkably Creativity, Sustainable products and Solutions for a Better World. While working as an Acupuncturist and Wellness Facilitator, I have seen close-up what is needed for happy, healthy humans and our environment to flourish.

I love how people celebrate and come together in joyful numbers at festivals, music events and workshops. The community vibe is just so life enhancing that I thought to create an online dimension of this connectivity. Bringing together creators, products and solutions for a conscious and compassionate world view.

Our videos and films, while showcasing diverse talent from around the planet, are also helping projects like Art to Healing support the women, children and communities affected by the trauma of sex trafficking in Asia.

Join me and our other collaborators as a Patron of the Healing Arts through pledging at our Patreon page or follow our journey here at TransparencyTV.

Be Well and Follow your Bliss!