Our Team of Stars

We want to thank our collaborators who have put their love, sweat and joy into helping make Transparency TV a catalyst for change.

Benn Beinssen - my husband, editor, cook, gardener, proof reader, thesaurus and love of my life.

Jake Savona - for introducing us to his amazing team in Cuba, the coolest island in the Caribbean and producing a track that we are so looking forward to hearing! Havana meets Kingston music album

Rick Mereki our trip to Cuba was so much more amazing with your awesome filming abilities, what a cool holiday and film adventure. Thanks to Jake for sharing Rick with us!

Ricardo Rosario for your sage advice, editing skills and smiley faces when I needed them

Brigitte Serhan for your ab fab ideas, heart connections, the most incredible network and your divine authenticity all the way Brigitte Serhan Hair & Make up

Alice Miyagawa - your terrific admin skills, production ideas, loyalty and support of the amazing artists in our midst

Brigid Mary Prain - filming, editing into the night, generosity and love of real people and the natural world Brigid Mary Prain films


Brigitte Serhan

Hair & Makeup Artist and Stylist extraordinaire. Brigitte's ideas, heart connection, incredible network and divine authenticity are so valued as a part of our creative team. Also an awesome Spoken Word artist who has been presenting her Conscious streams of Consciousness for 20 years.

Brigitte Serhan