Yoga for Freedom

'Yoga for Freedom' is a week long, global fundraising movement from September 17 – 23rd 2017 to help end the vicious cycle of sex slavery and unite the yoga community to create social change.

Art to Healing is an official partner of Transparency TV and is organiser of this movement bringing Self-love and Freedom to those in our world who have not known this.

Isn't Sex Slavery outlawed in Asia? Why is there a need to raise awareness?

Due to the patriarchal culture in Nepal women are not considered equal to men. The average age of girls being trafficked in Nepal is 15. Many of these girls are forced to have sex 40 times a day. This does not include the torture, beatings and abuse they suffer and the enduring trauma they experience.

This nightmare is a daily occurrence for many women and children in Asia. The world needs to know about this. Something needs to be done and it can...

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