Helping End Sex Slavery

Here at Transparency TV we are inspired and moved by the work of compassionate beings working to better the lives of women in asian countries, who are experiencing abuse and hardship on a daily basis.

As the natural nurturers within their families and communities, the culture as a whole suffers when women are exploited for sex and profit. 

Atira Tan and her incredible team of volunteers at Art to Healing, founded the Women's Transformational Program in Nepal ten years ago. The program has assisted many thousands of women, young girls and their families to live independantly, free from sex slavery and abuse. These self-empowered women become the new sources of wisdom and healing within their rural communities and are spreading the word.

Here is what Atira has said about the success of their 2018 program:

Goma Rai recently participated in our recent Art to Healing Women's Transformational Program (WTP) on reproductive health, yoga and art therapy for sex trafficked survivors. Her testimonial and sharing of her experience brought tears of joy to our eyes, and it gives a fair insight on the experience of women who have HIV/AIDS from being sold into sex slavery.

"I was sold into sex slavery when I was 13 years old. Because of my past, I hated being a woman, I hated my period and I hated my reproductive organs because I felt that these were the reasons why bad things, like getting HIV/Aids and being sold, happened to me. I even went to the doctor to request for a hysterectomy, so that I could take my womb out, and stop my period because I hated having my period. I was told by my doctor that I was still young so they could not do the operation.

After participating in this training program (with Art to Healing), I have realised that I deserve to be loved for being a woman, and my reproductive organs and my womb deserve to be loved as well and they are important to me. I have realised the importance of self-care and loving myself. I am now proud to have been born a woman, and I can't wait to share this information I have learnt with my community. I will now continue to love myself and care for my body, and I know that being born female is a thing to be valued."

If you'd like to help and support the recovery of other women and children such as Goma Rai, please donate to Art to Healing at

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