The Art to Healing

Human slavery is a 32 billion-dollar industry. Over 1.2 million children are trafficked across the globe every year. At any given moment across Asia girls as young as 15 are being sold into sexual servitude, and some of these young women are being forced to have sex up to 40 times per day.

"Sex slavery and the trauma endured by women and children who have been sold into prostitution is not okay with us, and at Art to Healing, we are on a mission to change this" says Atira Tan, founder, Art2Healing.

Art2Healing is committed to empowering women and children who have been abused, sexually exploited and tortured. Art2Healing is committed to creating new possibilities and opportunities for these women and a life free from slavery, trauma and fear.

Their vision is to create a compassionate and just world free of slavery. A world where young girls and women are empowered and free to make choices about their future. Art2Healing achieve this by supporting the psychological recovery of these women and children. 

For over 12 years, Art to Healing have been delivering unique holistic and trauma informed programs throughout Asia and the Pacific. They work at the grassroots level to provide vital education and therapeutic care whilst strengthening local communities. 

We at TransparencyTV are collaborating with Atira and the Art2Healing team and like them are passionate about raising awareness and educating the wider community about slavery, exploitation and abuse in Asia.

"Our mutual partnership with TransparencyTV will not only provide women and girls the opportunity to receive vital therapeutic care and education, and will also provide a valuable platform to inspire and connect others to create social innovation and change in the world". Atira Tan, founder Art2Healing.

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