Life in Havana, Cuba

The Internet is not really a thing yet in Cuba. Public wi-fi in parks or hotels allows you to Facebook the world or try to organise a film shoot in one of the most sought-after, eclectic locations. The alternative being to wait at one of the new cafe/bars in Old Havana, sipping a fresh lime mojito and wait for the synchronicity that inevitably brings your contact walking through the door.

Since 2008 Cubans have been able to open up their own businesses. The more recent policy changes have seen photographers like Viktor Rising, a swedish national, who freelancers and lives in Havana, ride the swell of interest in Cuba as a hot-spot for photo, fashion and film shoots. Viktor has shot Ernest Hemingway's grand-daughter, Mariel, for Vogue at the rooftop bar in Havana, bearing her ancestor's name. His production business organising locations and catering for worldwide interests, is doing well, especially now that the range and quality of food establishments has improved. 

There have been many changes experienced by the tiny, island nation however much remains the same. The innovative and creative inhabitants of this Caribbean island are revelling in Cuba's re-Evolution while still retaining their help-thy-neighbour spirit.

“Some people have had a mental switch. Young people are very energetic: they’re seeing what the future can be and are really enthusiastic about it, but they are still focused on the present.” says Cuban designer Idania del Río.

Viktor Rising revels in the warmth of the people as well as the equatorial location. Like his father before him, Viktor is a photographer of rare excellence. He captures the Cuban life he lives and breathes, and it's image is in good hands.

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