• HYDRATE Tonic


Infused with the revitalising power of millions of blossoms and a bounty of herbal extracts and superfoods to restore radiance and balance to your being.

Proven ultra hydrating benefits from both low and macro molecular bio-Hyaluronic Acid increase elasticity, smooth away fine lines and impart a dewy freshness to your skin.

Hydrate Tonic can be used over make-up and is the ideal pick-me-up, especially while traveling or in air conditioning.

98% Certified Organic*, 100% renewable, vegan and natural.

15 Active Ingredients

Like a deep dive into pristine mineralised waters… the source of life. Allow your skin to be immersed and quenched. Delivering essences, extracts and actives from ocean, earth and beyond:

Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) – soothes and revitalises your senses with the power of millions of blossoms

Low and macro molecular Hyaluronic Acid – with proven benefits to increase skin’s elasticity, leaving the skin smoother, moisturised and luxuriously hydrated.

Kakadu plum – naturally rich in vitamin C to energise and enliven the appearance of the skin to make it feel younger and smoother.

Acai Berry – delivers an incredibly high amount of essential Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, 16 different antioxidants, 19 essential and non essential amino acids, 15 vital minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and many more