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I recognised through my work as an Oriental Medicine practitioner that each person has their own individual collection of frequencies which they emit. Resonance frequencies can emitted through voice and breath with further distinctions made by body language, facial gestures, posture.

All these help a practitioner to determine whether someone is either an Excess or Deficient constitution and which meridian-organ system may be out of balance. Using Breathwork, Heart-brain coherence technologies, Sound meditations, Self-acupressure/tapping techniques, these imbalances can be harmonised and the path to our highest potential restored. So I created Discover Your Unique Energetic Signature, a program designed to Self-regulate and Awaken the Energy Within.

$699 total investment (to be completed 6 weeks from sign up)

  • 4 x Individual Coaching sessions with Diane Carter (online or offline)
  • Unique Energy Resonance program outlining your daily Breathwork, Self-acupressure/Tapping and Guided Meditations practices
  • Oriental Medicine Constitution profile with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations
  • Access to How-to videos on Breathwork, Self-acupressure/Tapping and Guided Meditations to calm and uplevel your brainwaves and energy fields
  • Synthesis Organics energy-imbued, skincare gift pack especially designed for your skin type

In our first session together you will discover:

  • How consciousness connects us to the world of energy.
  • What your breath says about your health by completing a BOLT test.
  • Create Heart-Brain Coherance through an easy meditation practice to determine how you are currently able to self-regulate.

Together we will choose the Breathwork and Self-acupressure techniques appropriate to your concerns such as Stress, Focus/Concentration, Motivation, Sleep, Fatigue, Moods/Emotions, Digestion, Skin, Pain/inflammation, Digital/Social Connection, Creativity/Goals.

Session 2 

You will be coached through your Customised Breathwork (CB), Self-acupressure/Tapping practice (ST) and I will design your Unique Energetic Signature journey based on your health consultation and Oriental Medicine constitution presented in a PDF format for you to download.

Session 3

We will continue your CB and ST practices and follow your curiosity with some Art Therapy creative exercises, attracting and building on the changes you wish to see in your world.

Session 4

We will revisit the BOLT test, Heart-Brain Coherance meditation and self-regulation exercises to see how much your holistic health has upgraded.

Bonus inclusions

  • A support package with access to how-to videos, with PDF versions to continue your journey once the program is complete
  • Unlimited access to member promotions for Transparent Wellbeing Retreats, Workshops and Zoom online support group
  • Unlimited email support during the length of the program
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